I've been able to speak to corporations around America about life and the pursuit of leadership in the workplace.

Psychology of Sales

Breaking Barriers
The struggle with most sales organizations is that their focus is solely on the sale and not understanding the process and how a sale comes to fruition. We address a potential client with the intent to sell and end up with little to no traction. This reflects poorly in performance and often begins a cycle of turnover within the organization. In Cory’s talk/workshop we'll address the end consumer and the social psychology behind the curtains. Think experience over sales OR selling without selling. Cory found great success as a top performer in sales utilizing the right mindset and making the ask. We can do the same with your team.

Power of the Huddle

Winning as a team
In a world that's all about the individual, we lose sight of the power of team unity. Understanding the dynamics of how a team works will give insight to how to contribute in a more impactful way. Through Cory’s background of the NFL, sales management, and psychology he can help deliver key ingredients to building a successful team and making sure the end goal is met.

Gridiron to Glory

Becoming a Player in the Workforce
Transition at any point in someone’s life is where the danger is. Like a relay race the danger is never in the sprint but in the handoff of the baton, the transition. So many times, organizations or individuals struggle in this area. You see it when a new boss comes in and employees leave or let go. You see it in projects when disagreement takes place so execution suffers. Cory can address and fix these issues through practical solutions and empowering postures to ensure potential is maximized in transitional times.


My wife and I had the pleasure of hearing Cory speak last Sunday, Father’s Day. He has a great story and a very powerful message which he conveys in a manner that brings meaning for everybody in the room. What an absolute honor and pleasure to have had this opportunity! There were laughs and tears some football cheers and tales of great camaraderie but most importantly a message of what is truly important in life. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Cory speak don’t pass it up!! If you are a business and looking for a dynamic speaker with a great message for everybody Cory would be a great choice.

Marc Brodeur | VP Marketing & Sales, Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems

Cory is a passionate leader who instills a bit of his fire in everyone around him. We’ve known each other for years, and though we hit it off from day one, each time we talk, I am more impressed. If you are looking for a speaker who will make you take a good honest look at your life, and leave you fired up to tackle the world, I highly recommend Cory Procter!

Dr. Jen Welter | 1st Female NFL Coach, Pro Football HOF

Recently, I had the privilege to connect with Cory Procter, former NFL guard/center most notably for my beloved Dallas Cowboys. And just like a center must be fully present and observant with each snap, Cory showed up fully engaged, and brought incredible value to our team discussion and vision.
Cory is an exceptional professional. He easily discussed our projects, listened well, and due to his experience in the NFL, added keen insight to the systems we are creating.
We look forward to future collaborations with Cory.

Kip Watson | Owner, NeuroSport Performance Academy

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